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「Beauty is skin deep」

ラムダプリント コラーゲン ゼラチン 2009


確証が不十分にも関わらず それを疑問に感じる事なく、また疑問に感じてもなお摂取し続ける。

Collagen is one of the proteins, that composes various organizations inside of our body and decreases with aging.
In all places, we are explained the necessity for supplementing collagen.
People's eyes to our skin make us choose to ingest collagen,
but in truth, even if we apply or drink it
its ingredient can not concentrate only on our skins and 
bring the effect of repairing our skins successfully.
In spite of doubting the uncertain effect, we keep ingesting it.
We can't allow our youth and beauty to be lost any more,
even if we are nothing but a weak and distorted flower.

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