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「sweet trap」

white chocolate 2005

甘いのに 甘くない

『求められるイメージを 演じ切れるとでも思っているの?』
『こめて はなつ ためらいを ふりはらって』

Not only sweet
but also bitter,
sweet but not sweet,
it looks like love.
So, I desire it more. 

My gun whispered sweetly.

Do you think that you can play your fictitious image perfectly?

Eat everything. How dou you like it?

Look at me more.
Don't love me as female.
Please look at me.

I ask you about the depths of your pride.

My sweet trap take you prisoner. Taste the sweets and bitters of life.

Come here fast,
restrain yourself.

enjoy a tryst

Throwing my hesitation away, 
I load a gun with a bullet of love and shoot you.

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